Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Owl

I just finished this little painting last night... Jan 1/11. A perfect way to start the New Year!

It's a little screech owl, resting on a dead branch, under snow covered branches, that I started a week ago. (You can buy a button if you like.)
Using a limited pallet, and a painting by my favourite artist- Robert Bateman, as my inspiration and source, it was nice to have a tangible resource, for a change.
(Most of my paintings are landscapes and abstracts, just letting the painting evolve as I go. To work from a picture takes more discipline, deliberation and is more challenging.)
I have no idea how long it took to make this painting, though, since time just evaporates in my studio.
There are times when the painting has to dry, before I can move onto the next step, and I find other things to work on- refurbishing an old travel case is my other project right now.

Below is an unfinished photo of my painting and a little art card.
I've blocked and defined the spaces, and worked out the owl.
(I'm making the little art card (ACEO), to test my colours
and brush strokes, as I work on the larger painting).
Painting in-progress (with unfinished ACEO on the side).

Today, I'll put a clear protective coating on my finished painting. I like to use a shiny, gloss finish, (but it's hard to get good photos afterwards), then I can truly call him complete.

I've enjoyed making this painting. During the busy holidays, I've created this safe, peaceful shelter, for a little owl... and for me.

Finished "Winter Owl" painting (9" x 12")

Finished ACEO (Art trading card.)

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