Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Emus in the snow.

Today was an overcast, winter day in the Kootenays.
The clouds hung low in the sky, threatening snow, but my husband and I
went for a walk anyway. It's something we don't do nearly enough.
I guess walking along the highway has a lot to do with it, but there are sideroads,
so we took one and ended up at a dead
end, by a fenced in
field, where there were 3 emus.

Yes, big flightless birds!
I haven't seen one since my kids were small & I took them to the Calgary Zoo. What a treat!
We watched them for a few minutes, and I took a bunch of pictures.

I should've used the flash, but didn't want to disturb them, so all my photos are dark & needed to be edited.
(I'll be going back on a sunnier day, to take some more pictures of these fascinating birds.)

I was so inspired, that I spent the rest of the day/night in my studio painting,
"Emus in the snow".
The challenge was to make a completed painting in one day... unheard of for me.
I ended up making 2 paintings! They are drying right now as I write, and my camera's recharging, so I'll post photos of the paintings next time.

**UPDATE: I'm offering the 1st painting in my Etsy shop.**

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Julie G. said...

Fantastic! Wonderful photos! How excited to see them in person. Looking forward to viewing your paintings.