Saturday, May 22, 2010

Remembering my 1st Etsy sale

I've been with Etsy almost a year and a half now.
Just listed a couple of new items, so much faster now than when I
It took me so long at first- to write my profile, and set up my shop.
I listed 3 items and waited for a sale.
Luckily it was only 3 days later and I sold my clay armadillo!

I've learned a lot since my 1st sale!

It still makes me happy thinking about it, I was so excited!
I carefully wrapped the little clay armadillo, so he'd
have a safe trip overseas to the UK!
I included a little thank you gift, (I think it was a bookmark I made),
and boxed it all up. Then I tried the Canada Post shipping through my
Paypal account.
I was shocked when the shipping came out to $33.00!
I only charged $7.00! OMG!!!
After unpacking & repacking (in a smaller box), I was able to get the
shipping down to about $8 or $9 dollars.
What a relief!
Anyhow, I'm much more careful with shipping prices now...
but I'm no less excited with every sale!
Have a great weekend,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Charming? Just a little.

I have been busy in my studio (and in my living room),
making 55 little fobs/charms, hanging things.

It's a little surprise for my co-workers (I'm pretty sure that
none of them read my blog), so I think I'm safe in posting this.

Now that we're all back at work, I thought it would be
nice if everyone had a little "momento" of our 2 months
on the picket line. A pleasant little charm to remember our
friendships, support, unity, sacrifices, and perhaps give each
person a little shot of positive energy.

Am I crazy to spend so much time and energy on them?
I don't think so. Every one of our staff members is worth it!

I found it quite therapeutic actually.

Making each one of these little pieces, using healing gemstones,
and positive thoughts to provide a little energy boost
for the person using it, has helped me to get rid of a lot of negativity.
I hope it helps everyone, as we try to repair the damage of the past
couple of months (years actually), and move forward.

Now we'll each have a nice little charm that symbolizes
our United Steel Magnolias, and what became a turning point
of some sort, in each of our lives.