Sunday, May 8, 2016

Celebrating new life in the garden on Mother's Day 2016

Happy Mother's Day! 
It's a great time to celebrate new life- so I'd like to share the new life growing in our garden... with these pictures, enjoy :)

Tiger swallowtail butterflies are my fave! This photo isn't new... but is still
from my garden :)

A beautiful magnolia bloom, smells just as lovely.

Our magnolia in bloom.
These magnolia flowers are huge & smell so delightful.

As the magnolia fades, this snail is catching a nap in its shade.

Fancy daffodils- so pretty.

Lots of spring colours

Our white dogwood in full bloom

Wooly caterpillar :)

Rhododendrum flower buds...
 with a daddy long legs checking them out.

Peonies flower buds... with an ant to help it open.

Pretty heather blooms
Is this the birth of a walnut tree?

Our pink dogwood has lots of blooms forming!
Close up of the pink dogwood bloom.

Purple irises. I need more of these :)

Birth of a fern plume.

 Wisteria starting to bloom.

Our wisteria starting to bloom, more spectacular every year.
Columbine abounds in our gardens with their pretty pink blooms.

Columbine almost blooming.
If you look hard, you'll see a face in this fairyland photo.
Our azalea, preparing to bloom soon.

Tiger swallowtail butterfly- saw the 1st one this year- yesterday :)

I wish I could add the delightful scent of these lily of the valleys.