Saturday, November 28, 2009

Follow my heart

I'm working on a small group of jewelry pieces
that I hope you'll enjoy.
This is the 1st one.
I call it "follow my heart" because that's what I'm doing.
I love the freedom of making something just for the joy
of making it.
Using earthenware clay, firing it, painting it, then
designing and making it into a unique piece of jewelry has allowed
me to use numerous skills. It's a little wearable work of art.
I hope you like it as much as I do :)
I've just listed it in my Etsy on-line shop.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hatching baby dinosaur

I've neglected my blog for some time now.
*wondering if anyone even noticed*.

My excuses?
I've been busy working at my day job, dealing with day to day life,
which keeps me busy, but it's not particularly interesting to write or read
My "spare"time has been spent learning to use my new computer, but I'm
catching on, and have even spent some creative time in my studio again.
That's the stuff I'd like to be writing about.

I thought I'd show-off my newest listing in my etsy shop.

It's a hatching baby dinosaur! I think it's a pterodactyl, (does spelling count?)
I bought the greenware from a ceramic store, a long time ago.

I cleaned, underglazed and fired it promptly (thank goodness), because it's a lot easier
to store bisque than greenware, especially if you end up moving, like we did.
So I glazed the eggshell, and fired it again. Then packed it away in a box with many
other partially completed pieces.
Now that I have my studio space set up, I've been unpacking these boxes and am determined
to complete most, if not all, of my unfinished work.
This baby was a labour of love, and I hope someone will treasure it.
I also have a couple of hatching baby dragons that I need to finish up as well.
They're adorable too.
I find it takes such a long time from start to finish, let alone photographing & listing
on my etsy shop. At least I don't have to worry about them "growing up" in the mean-time.
I'll try & add a photo here, but just in case that doesn't work,
here's the link to my new listing of the hatching baby dinosaur: