Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling Treasured on Etsy.

There's a new feature on Etsy, it's called Circles.

I've just started using it, and am happy to see it shows
when I'm included in a Treasury.
To my surprise, I've been included in FOUR treasuries
over the last three days! How amazing is that?!

I recently finished this pair of "Fleur de Lise" wall sconces, and I just added one to my Etsy shop. It's included in this "Cinnamon taste test" Treasury.

I have been hesitant about adding paintings
to my Etsy shop. I am not a prolific painter, so my collection is rather small & intimate.
However, this past year I've been concentrating on painting, and am just getting the courage to present them on Etsy.

My "Flaming Lotus" painting is in this Lotus Treasury.

And my "Big Fish" painting is in a collection

This ceramic sun face is featured in

Jan 25/11
Check out this awesome Dragon Treasury, it includes my last hatching dragon.

Feb 8/11
A stunning collection of trees in numerous colours, styles and mediums.
My "Love Tree" button is included.

Feb 14/11
Some more recent treasuries:

I've only curated a few treasuries, but know the time and consideration it takes to make one.
Trying to stay on task is hard! There's so many wonderful things to see on Etsy. I spend a lot of time deciding what to include, and where.
I also end up feeling quite insecure about my own skills as an artist, when I see some of the other artists' amazing pieces. So it's very encouraging to have my work (paintings especially) featured in someone else's Treasury.

So I'd like to send a sincere " Thank you! to the amazing curators of Etsy Treasuries!"
You make us all shine :)

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