Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Fire in Nelson

Last night, (Jan 5/11) while the snow continued blowing, many of us slept,

and another Heritage Building went up in flames.

The Kerr Building (built in 1911) was home to a lot of people.

Fortunately it seems everyone got out safely.

However, their modest belongings are gone, and so are their homes.

Here are a couple of links- how you can help, story here and here.

***UPDATE- June 08, 2011: The Nelson Post- The wall comes down.***

The charred remains of a rocking horse and a pillow...

I walked up there on my lunch break, following the smell of smoke, and took these pictures.

Thurs. Jan 6, 2011.

(Here's a link to some other Heritage buildings in Nelson.)

Update: Jan 13/11

Our community is helping out.

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