Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Button Making Machine - for my birthday!

I've been wanting a button making machine for a long time, however, it just hasn't been affordable, or a priority. You know the kind of buttons I mean… bright colours, funny pictures/sayings, or to show support for a cause.

I'd like to make some to promote (and sell in) my Etsy shop. It will be fun to make custom orders - of people, their pets, kids, cars, businesses, whatever!

So keep me in mind if you need a button or 2, (or 200)!

I have a birthday this weekend, and it's a BIG one…50th this coming weekend!

Anyhow, my family thought a button maker would make an ideal gift for me, but they wanted me to choose one, so I've been doing some serious shopping around.

After looking, comparing prices, reviews, cost of supplies and more… I decided I on a Tecre 2 1/4' button maker.

I read a lot of good reviews, the parts seem a bit more affordable, however shipping isn't cheap.

(I decided on the standard 2 1/4" because I will also be able to make pocket mirrors, and magnets with that size.)

Now I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival, and thinking of ideas for the 1st set of buttons. I have a few days off now, so I'm going to figure out designs for the artwork. I'll be ready to make them when my machine arrives.

I'm so excited! I'll let you know how it goes, once I get started.

In the meantime, Dave & I are planning to get away for the weekend, to quietly celebrate my 50th birthday, with a bit of shopping in the big city of Cranbrook, a dinner & evening at the casino and a motel room for the night- they'd better have a hot tub somewhere. It'll be fun, to finish my Christmas shopping, and hopefully get new winter boots (mine are falling apart).

It's not often that we go anywhere, but there's always someone home to look after our geriatric dog (Spike), so we should

get away more often.

Well, I'll keep you up to date...

Enjoy your week.

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Update: Wed Dec 8/10

( I fixed my boots this morning using hot-melt glue. They aren't pretty, but they'll be fine for home.) So I took Spike for a walk to the mailbox, and guess what?

There was a "parcel pickup" notice in my mail! YES!

That means I will need to go to town tomorrow and pick it up at the Mall.

I wasn't sure if it would arrive before the weekend. I'm so excited!

Some other things to consider:

- I have a decent printer to print my button designs, however, I may be needing specialty papers, and more ink soon.

- Q- How long will it take to actually make the buttons & designs?

A- If I had all the designs made, & cut into circles, it just takes seconds to actually make the buttons, but the designing, printing & cutting can take time!

-Who will buy them from me? (I'm not much of a salesperson... something I've got to work on.)

- Buying the parts isn't too expensive, but the shipping & taxes are!

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UPDATE: Dec 9/10

I picked up my button maker today. YEAH!

After a little messing around with the directions, and cutting out circles (of some designs I'd printed,) I have successfully made 25 buttons!

Talk about easy! The 1st one has the pin upside down, and on one, I forgot to add the mylar cover, so I screwed up 2. Not bad for a newbie!

It's so quick & easy to actually make the buttons, but designing, printing & cutting them out takes a lot of time.

I've taken a couple of pictures, so you can see my Tecre machine, and some of the pins I've made so far.

My family has some very politically incorrect ideas for buttons to make. Totally different from what I have in I've had to do a little censoring, sorry.

Gonna run along now, but if you need a button (or 2, 20, or 200), I'd be happy to make some for you.

You can e-mail me at:



Dec 10/10

Before I go away for birthday weekend, I'd like

to show off my Zibbet shop, where I've listed

a few of my buttons.


Dec 16/10

Had a wonderful weekend getaway with my husband. So far 50 doesn't seem so old...but it's only been 5 days :)

Anyhow, I've made a whole bunch of new buttons and have some great ideas. (Guess what everyone's getting in their stocking?)

I'd like to see if I can make some to sell locally, so I've edited some of my best photos taken in the Kootenays, and made souvenir buttons.

Update: Oct/11

I am very happy with my button maker, but wish I had a better circle cutter. Should've spent the extra $$, but didn't have it then, and still don't.

This is something Dave can do and he likes it!

I design and print them, while he cuts them out & assembles the buttons... and it doesn't hurt his back :) YES!

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