Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do you like to shop on-line?

Growing up in Toronto, and shopping at big Malls, like the Eaton Centre downtown has spoiled me for shopping.

As a teenager, I had more disposable income, time, and access to the best variety of shops. Shopping was an exciting event, and crowds just made it more interesting, a quick break for a pop & french fries were an added bonus.

That was in the 70's- before the Internet, e-Bay & on-line shopping.

Now (over 30 years later,) I'm living in the Kootenays, a rural area in South Western B.C. and shopping is very limited. We have a Mall in town. It is modest- however, so is my income, time and desire.

BUT…nowadays there's also a whole world of shopping available... on-line.

The 1st item I ever bought on-line was a video game for my boys (they talked me into it). We went to E-Bay, looked up "Lord of the Rings" for their Xbox, bought it, and were thrilled when it finally arrived in our mail! How cool is that?!

Instead of just bills, there was something to look forward to in our mailbox. I've never looked back.

In my little circle, I'm probably the only one that ever buys anything on-line. Some of my friends still don't have computers, let

alone the Internet!

Some of the jewelry I've made.

I often get my jewelry and craft supplies on-line through E-Bay and Etsy, or at my local bead shop- Abacus beads.

I also enjoy just "window shopping" on-line (That would be a pun, if I wasn't using a Mac,) but I'm just not sure about buying shoes and clothes on-line. There's nothing compared to actually trying something on.

Over the years I've bought plane tickets, eyeglasses, video games, jewelry, my iMac, beads, slippers, and even a clutch for our Toyota… all on-line.

Some of the things I like about shopping on the Internet, is that it's available any time, I don't have to dress up & drive anywhere, no pressure, no crowds, infinite variety, and the best part… is going to the mailbox.

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