Friday, January 15, 2010

Sharing clay inspiration

If you love to work with clay (or are just interested in it), you don't have to get
messy to be inspired.

Here's a couple of links that I'd like to share with you, ( and I'd be thrilled if you'd add
your own favourite clay links in my comments! )

1) I've subscribed to Ceramics Daily- there's so much amazing info available here:

2) This video is totally inspiring- making whimsical sculptures using a potters wheel:

I've been making ceramics from moulds for years, but have gradually been
doing more hand building and slab work, and rarely use commercial moulds anymore.
As I explore different subjects & techniques, I always run into problems.
Frustrating as they are, it's the successful overcoming of all these obstacles that
make a lovely piece all the more valuable (even if only to my eyes :)

The helpful tips and video demos available on-line are just amazing, and are
reducing the "problems" that I run into.

This past week, I started building a clay sculpture of a horse- something I've been
meaning to do, yet never got around to, until now. (Spurred into action by the video
mentioned above.) *yes, pun intended*.
Anyhow, I wish I'd taken some photos, right from the beginning, but just thought of it now.
I'll try & get some photos & post them here.

I've got 5 days off (from my day job), and plan to spend as much time as I can,
working with clay.
I hope you enjoy the video.
Have a great weekend.

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