Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fanpage on Facebook...

I've recently set up a fan page on Facebook- here's the link:

I hope this works...

Ok, so it didn't work. (It's not a clickable link). ****FIXED***
I guess if you want to see it.. copy & paste will work...

sorry, I'm just not up to mental aerobics this evening and
trying to figure it out is just too much right now.
(My day job keeps my mind trim...if only it would give the
rest of my body a workout, I'd be in fine shape!)
At least I managed to add some Interesting Links (especially the
Ceramic arts- an awesome site for mudders/potters) and a slideshow.
(Will try & fix that link next time...)
Have a great week.


Angie S said...

@#$%&$@#@!! I'll have to figure out how to make it an actual link.
As it is now, you'll need to copy & paste the address...sorry.
It's always something.

Angie S said...

Finally fixed the link.