Saturday, January 24, 2009

My blog begins...

Here's my 1st blog - don't know if anyone will actually find,
see or read it... let alone, comment on it.
If you DO know me In Real Life, then I don't have to tell you my life story
(thank goodness).
If you don't know me IRL, well... what can I say?
You may have to check out some of my links and read a bit,
or contact me :)

Meanwhile, I will just talk to myself here and get used to the concept
of keeping an on-line presence, and hope I don't embarass myself.

Who knows? Maybe I'll think of something so exceptional that everyone will want to read it. ;)

DO NOT SEND ME SPAM!!! I HATE IT!!! I'm sure you do too!

1 comment:

ceejay said...

Hello, and welcome to blogging! I knew you could do it.

It's going to be fun! Make it yours, see what it becomes.