Monday, January 26, 2009

Etsy stuff

I recently joined Etsy (on Nov 1/08. )

I've been making "stuff" for so many years,
and have done craft sales, consignments,
custom orders, but my real joy (like most artists)
is in making things, not in selling them.

A friend of mine suggested that I try selling my hand-made
creations on-line at etsy, so I'm trying it out!

I have a small space in the living room, (an over-flowing corner ,)
where I've been making jewellry. But I need a proper place to work
with clay and paint, etc.
We are building a studio for me in the garage. At last I will
have a place for all me & my supplies!!! and a workspace !!!! YEAH!!

So, after spending (many) hours looking at all the amazing creations, and reading numerous Profiles, I finally took the plunge and joined, then I listed my 1st items....all 3 of them.
I was thrilled when I made my 1st sale a couple of DAYS later!
It's still my only sale... so far.

It all sounds simple enough, right?
Actually it is, but it all takes time, and I've spent a lot of time,
refining, editing, and refining again.

I thought all I'd need is good items to sell, at a reasonable price,
and that's it......not.
It's just another starting point.

Here's what I've far:
Before listing an item:
- Start with 5 good photos... can't say enough about that! (any
cropping, editing, etc. resize ( 1000x1000 pixels) So they're
ready to download.
- Get a box the item will be shipped in, take measurements, weigh it
and calculate shipping to various places.

- Go to the etsy workshops! (I'd include a link, but not sure how)
- Get to know people, etsy, blog, facebook, etc.
- Ask for help when you need it. It can save an amazing amount of
time, compared to trial & error.
- Get organized. My current dilemma... I've got a ton of photos on
my computer, and need to figure out a good filing system for them.

I'll add things, as I learn...


LindaGJ said...

Hi Angie.
I wish you the best on your new endeaver! I think in time people will start to get to know you and wallah, you will have a fabulous time making your art and hopefully selling! If anything, Etsy is a great place to have a website & I'm so glad to have met you there! Thank you so much for featuring me in one of your Treasuries!!! You should put all your Treasuries in here as I put in my Flickr and I list all the artists on my Treasuries and well as those I am fortunate to get in!
Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing your blog with me!!!

~♥~ Fuxicos e Retalhos ~♥~ said...

Ola Querida somos amigas de gp do Flickr encontrei seu topico por la .. vim visitar

te desejo sucesso,


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