Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's hard to say goodbye...

I hope I'm not alone...but,

I have a hard time saying good-bye to ... someone/something/?

I don't mean see ya later. I mean real goodbyes, where you know or
believe, you may never meet again.
Something I've never really sat down & thought about , but I am right now.
I'll get back to the "why" in a minute.

Just starting to realize that farewells come in all sizes. Most are of
little significance, small, daily, routine.
Others are momentus and are relived, over & over...HUGE!

Then there's that in-between range.
Sometimes you just don't know that the little goodbye was to become
the last one ...
Sometimes you think it's the last one... and it's not! Not even close!

There's so many people and things we part with over the years,
that I guess it's good to keep the "g'byes" in perspective.

I guess that's all I'm trying to do.

Now, back to WHY I'm on the subject.
(sounds almost silly now that I've put it in perspective)
I'm preparing to sell some of my favourite
clay artwork. They're only clay, yes, I know.
I can make another one (I guess).

But there is something special about a First of something.
My 1sts are rarely the best pieces, although they often
take longest to make. I work out problems
(like don't forget to make it hang-able, duh),
refine the design, texture, colors, etc.

I guess that's why I'm so attached to them and what
makes it hard to say good-bye.

But, if I'm serious about being an artist, I can't
keep every original I make. Just have to learn
to say farewell to my favourites.

Besides, these are only little and happy, goodbyes.

May your good-byes be small ones:


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