Sunday, January 25, 2009

Building my studio- in the garage.

BEFORE photos:

These garage photos were taken Dec 7/08, after we got the furnace hooked up.

That's when Dave started building my studio. He had just built a dividing wall in the garage, so we have a "His" side, and a "Her" side.
This is where it all started... at the beginning.

Jan 25,2009:
Today was one of those lovely, sunny (rare) days, in the Kootenays.

It was great! Dave & I worked on my art studio, all day!

Although we were inside... in the dusty, dirty, garage all day,
we got a lot done.
Dave got the last wall insulated, plastic covered, & plywood covered!
I got it primed, and will paint it tomorrow.
It may not sound like much, but with Dave's back problems,
I'm grateful for productive days like this.

I've been needing my own studio space for many, many years.
Gradually, I've taken-over almost 1/2 the living room, with my
art supplies and projects. (Plus the spare room, and there's clay,
glazes & finished pieces stored in the basement).
It will be so wonderful to have a place for all my "stuff", and
a place to create.
Note: I'll try a different layout next time. Can't figure out how to
do that right now.... please bear with me as I deal with the
learning curve.

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