Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding bouquet photo frame charms and more

Wedding bouquet and memorial photo frame charms.

Short story:
   My son is getting married this fall, so I made a couple of photo frame charms to clip to his bride's bouquet,
 I enjoy making them, so I've made more and added some of these charms in my Etsy shop.

Longer version:
Since my son is getting married this fall, I've made up a couple of photo frame charms, I'm hoping his grandparents can be included on his special day. 
It's a lovely way to remember them.  

These charms can be clipped onto a bouquet or just about anywhere, so I made some more to include in my Etsy shop. They are so well loved by my customers, I've added many more colours and designs :)

I love this combination of antique silver and freshwater pearls
I call these my "Classic" charms.


Now I have so many colours and styles available!
Here's a link to these charms.

It's easy enough to add a little photo to these charms, as they have slots in the corners to hold the photo in place. You can also cut out a small rectangle of clear plastic to use as a clear cover to protect the photos.

A red shell pearl, lovely for a winter wedding.
(Tip: To get the photo corners tucked in place, I use a toothpick.)

I also have some lovely little frame charms that don't have any slots in the corners, so the photos would need to be glued into place. 
 (I haven't listed any of these ones yet).  

A piece of two-sided tape should work fine, but I thought I'd use Dimensional Magic and see how that works.  I made some memorial charms of Spike, using it as a glue and clear coat for these frames and am very happy with the results.

Here's the finished charms of our dog Spike. He was the best model ever...
he never complained about my sharing his pictures :)

This photo frame charm features a baby blue shell pearl
(and my boys when they were little... don't tell
them I posted this :)

I love these pink shell pearls.

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