Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Raining... still and again.

 Another rainy day in the Kootenays, wishing the sun would come out 
so I can watch Venus pass in front of the sun.  

Instead, I'm trying to ward off the emptiness of our home, without our dog. 
 It was hard, when the boys moved out, but they keep in touch, and I'm pleased to know 
they are finding their way, creating their own lives, including us where they can.

  I wrote a little Haiku poem:

  clouds squeezing teardrops
like my endless leaking heart
buds spilling rainbows

It's not making that melancholy feeling go away, but that's ok, I'm going through numerous Spike pictures,
to make a couple of memorial charms and fridge magnets, for the family. Little keepsakes of our buddy.

He rarely put up both ears...his right one was usually flopped over.

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