Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Road Conditions in the Kootenays

Short version:
If you're travelling around the Kootenays any time of year, it's always a good idea to check on the local road conditions 
any time of the year. BE PREPARED.
 I'm adding some local webcams and links (mainly for my own reference,) and thought I'd share them.

Longer version:
   It's June 6, 2012 and it's been a cool and very wet spring here, which means mudslides and sometimes unexpected road closures. The snow-covered Kootenay Pass (AKA Salmo-Creston Pass) looks ugly with all that snow! I'll have to check and see if it's still open.
 A detour in the mountains, can mean many extra hours  and kilometres, and maybe an unplanned ferry ride,(at least it's still free to ride the inland ferries.) Gas stations are far & few between, as well as accommodations. BE PREPARED for any kind of weather or situation… you know, munchies, water, blankets, etc. especially the etc.
  Anyhow, since we need to know what the conditions are to get to Golden, I'm checking the Passes and (adding their live webcam links) to see what the best route to travel will be… will have to check them again tomorrow… today wasn't a good day to go from the looks of things.

All BC inland FERRY SCHEDULES are on this MAP.

Kootenay Lake Ferry SCHEDULE.


Balfour ferry landing WEBCAM. Balfour Ferry Terminal

Balfour inland ferry terminal, looking north towards Hwy 3A. (elevation: 535 metres)

Kootenay Bay ferry landing WEBCAM. 

Kootenay Bay Ferry Terminal: looking northeast on Hwy3A. (elevation: 538 metres)

Shelter Bay ferry landing WEBCAM

Hwy 23 at Shelter Bay ferry landing, looking north.

Drive BC-Major Events- MAP  (very handy)


Salmo Creston Highway Summit. Looking East.

Paulson Summit WEBCAM

Hwy 3 about 3km East of the the Paulson Summit, looking West (elevation 1446 metres)

Castlegar WEBCAM

Hwy 3 at 14th Ave. in Castlegar, looking East

Christina Lake WEBCAM

Hwy 3 at East Lake Drive on the east side of Christina Lake, looking Northwest.

Coffee Creek WEBCAM

Hwy 31, 45km north of Nelson and 25km south of Kaslo, looking north.

New Denver WEBCAM

Hwy 6 at Hwy 31A in New Denver, looking north.


Junction of Hwy 6 and Hwy 23 in Nakusp, looking south along Hwy 6

Rossland- WEBCAM
Hwy 3B at Hwy 22 (Rossland Weigh Scale) looking West on Hwy 22


HWY 3 at HWY 6- looking West on HWY 3.

Hwy 3 at Hwy 95, Yahk Weigh Scale, looking North-East
(elevation 854 metres)

Revelstoke WEBCAM

Hwy 1 at east end of Columbia River Bridge in Revelstoke, looking east.

Hwy 1, near Parks Headquarters at Glacier National Park, 72 km east of Revelstoke
looking east. (elevation: 1330 metres)

Golden WEBCAM Hwy 1, just north of Hwy 95 interchange, looking northwest.

Kicking Horse Canyon WEBCAM HWY 1 (Kicking Horse Canyon) at 10 Mile Brake Check- looking East.


Drive BC-  MAP


Public Weather Warnings for BC…. MAP


Local News


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