Sunday, June 12, 2011

A relaxing Kootenay day...

Dave & I ventured up to a local beach, to enjoy a bit of the sunshine before the clouds cover it up.

The lake level is very high right now, with the spring run-off, so there isn't much of a beach and some of the trees are standing in water. There's lots of snow, up top, that's still melting and the creeks are running full-tilt. Lots of logs and stuff are floating around on the lake and shores, but the fishing seems to be pretty good in some (secret) places, and the golf courses are looking great too.

I like watching the ferry, and thought I'd point out that we have the longest free ferry ride in the world, here on Kootenay Lake. Right now they're on the winter schedule (just one ferry- the Osprey, it's the big one, with a coffee shop, observation area and even wireless internet!)

June 14/11, they'll add a 2nd smaller ferry- the MV Balfour, until Sept 5 2011... here's the schedule.

MY SHAMELESS PLUG: "Buy my buttons"! If you're fortunate enough to take a ride on the Osprey ferry, be sure to stop in at the Coffee shop and buy a coffee and one of my "Catch that ferry" buttons, that have the schedule on them, or at least say you saw their shop on my blog.

When we got home, I took some pictures of the garden in Spike's pen.

My perennials are well established and could use some thinning, while the lemon mint should be perfect to start harvesting…there's always something to do outside.

Right now my little azalea, columbine, lilacs, irises and windflowers are in full bloom, while the bumblebees and friends are enjoying them. I saw my 1st tiger swallowtail butterfly last week,! To me it's the true harbinger of summer, like the 1st robin, 1st swallow, the 1st tiger swallowtail butterfly is a sign of the season's progress.

I hope you enjoy my photos and the links I've chosen.

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