Saturday, June 4, 2011

A new clock for the kitchen.

Here's my finished clock.

Update June 7/11- The recycled clock parts, quit working, after less than 24 hours. I don't know if it was the weight from my little "bug" ornament, or if it should've been trashed instead of recycled. Anyhow, I have an unused clock mechanism, with much smaller but fancy hands, so I just replaced it.

3 days later and it works fine, but I think I'll skip the bug … not everyone has the same appreciation of insects, even handmade ones. Go figure :)

June 4/11

I've been thinking about a new clock for our kitchen.
Of course I want it to be unique, so I looked around on-line, and decided to make one myself.

The finished clock isn't perfect, which is fine, it's about instant gratification and using stuff I have collected. It was easy to assemble, but I think next time I'm working on clay, I'll make some funky clock faces. I've got some great ideas brewing...
What a fun way to start the weekend :)

It took all of 20 minutes (including looking for a clock mechanism that I had stashed years ago.)
I dug around my studio and found everything I needed:

- A decorative round box lid - for the clock face. (The lip is 1 inch deep, perfect to allow for the clock
movement part.)
- Black paint in a squeeze bottle (Dimensional fabric paint). To quickly "write" the #'s on.
- Clock mechanism with hands -salvaged from a cheap clock, years ago . I didn't glue it in place but could've used a bit of hot glue, but may do that later, if it needs it.)
- Exacto knife (to "drill" a hole in the middle of the box lid- just big enough for the clock thing to poke through).
- Hand made bug (optional- I bought this little guy years ago, and have used him as a cool thumbtack, but this is the perfect way to show him off.) I used a dab of hot glue to attach him to the hand, so that he's easy to remove if I find a better place for him...years from now.

P.S. On a recent bargain-hunting expedition (in Cranbrook, with Katie). We stopped at Liquidation World, and I found some boxed sets of 4 ceramic plates. Too bad most of the plates had noticeable flaws, but I loved the fish design on them AND on the round box, so I kept looking until I found a good set.
I should've bought more anyway. I love the design, and besides, small plates are so handy!
Anyhow, that's where I got the perfect FACE for my clock.

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