Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to make yourself feel good...

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), one of the best ways to make yourself feel good, is by helping someone else and there are so many ways to do it. Open your eyes and look around… hold the door for someone, smile, say "hello", pick up a some litter, drop a quarter in an expired parking meter, save a hurt bird, help out a small local group with a donation of time, money, expertise or by telling others about their group! Here's some things I've done that make me feel good.

Let someone else go 1st. When I do a major grocery shop, I'm rarely in a hurry, and my cart is fully loaded. If another shopper gets behind me in line with only a handful of items, I often let them go ahead of me… I've done it many times. It makes me feel good, I don't have to rush and they're usually so pleasantly surprised… I know there's times I wish someone would do that for me, when I've only got a couple of items. Maybe it'll catch on?

This Thursday (June 30th), a small local group "Circle of Habondia Lending Society" is having an art auction fundraiser in Nelson, B.C., so I'm adding my support by donating a painting, and hope to attend the auction- our MLA Michelle Mungall will be the auctioneer!

(Update: July 1/11- the auction was a success, beautiful artwork at great prices!

I was thrilled that my little painting sold for $80.00, a nice contribution to a good cause.

A gentle, elderly lady bought it,- she looked so pleased... I know I was :)

My "Tulips" painting- up for auction June 30/11

I hope my little write-up here will help bring a few more people to the auction, or at least give some more exposure to them, and all the other small groups that help make our Communities... wherever they may be.

I've made signs for a small local event in Proctor for the past couple of years.

Every time I sell something in my Etsy shop, I donate a bit to our local SPCA - via the little cans at many local shops. No one even knows that I do that, but I know, and even though I won't get a Tax credit for it, it makes me feel good, and helps our no-kill shelter.

Twittering in the trees

I made my 1st donation of a painting, to B.E.A.K.S. our local bird saviours, when they had a silent art auction. That one cost me quite a bit, because there was a painting there I wanted so badly. But I was thrilled to win that painting, just like the lady who won mine!

Everyone wins in this kind of fundraiser. The buyer gets a work of art (usually at a great price), the seller gets more exposure (maybe even a Tax credit for the donation) and the group gets some hard to come-by funding. Everyone wins by participating.

So be a little selfish, make yourself feel good, and help someone else, every chance you get.

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