Monday, March 1, 2010

Where's my OSO??

So here's the situation:
I'm starting into the 3rd week of being on strike and
walking a picket line, with no end in the near future.
(See: "A Blonde's eye view" for that story.)

This is about a very important topic, in my little world...
I love coffee.
I might drink a whole pot myself, in a day (a bad day?
I can't say that it's a bad day if I've got good coffee.)

I'm no connoisseur, but I do have preferences.
When I was 18, I drank instant. *gross*
Moved up to Country Style, Tim Horton's, and when times
were tough, we bought President's Choice or the dreaded
"Yellow label" no-name coffee, but that was years ago.

We've long since discovered our locally-roasted,
coffee. OSO NEGRO.
It's not cheap, but it's one of those little luxuries
we indulge in. It's fairly-traded and we drink our
fair share. (Full Organic Blend is our fave.)
Anyhow, last week we ran out of our OSO coffee and I
had a tough decision to make. No coffee in the house for 3 days...
so it's a bit of a fuzzy blur, tea just doesn't cut it

Finally, I made the dreaded trip to town, to do groceries.
NOT my favourite thing to do, at the best of times.
Especially when I know my cart's gonna be 1/2 full and
it'll be mostly yellow labelled stuff...including coffee.
I'm grateful to be buying food, and glad I don't hate yellow
anymore. But yellow vacuum-packed coffee almost brings tears to my
As soon as we put the groceries away, I made a pot.
It was disappointing, but I'll have to get used to it,
I've been spoiled, I know.

My kiln is for sale, I might have to take my car off the road.
*wondering* "Is 49 too old for a woman to start hitch-hiking?"

We've already dropped Pepsi, chocolate, eating out and
little impulse buying of gifts.
If I don't go to town, I save some $, however the local
"convenience" store does charge more for everything.

Now I'm not picking-up little things, here and there.
I miss having pizza for lunch on Thursdays, and the Chinese
Special (sweet & sour chicken balls) on Fridays. I miss seeing
the waitresses and the cooks, who are friendly & treat me so well.
There's a lot of things I'm starting to miss, (besides my paycheque).
I miss my friends in town, and being a little part of their lives, having
lunch with the girls and talking to people about fun things, instead of
"What's going on?" Because I just don't know.
It's only been 2 full weeks, and I'm already missing many things.

*sighing* I recently bought the most beautiful &
locally made (Dog Patch Pottery) coffee mug.
It's a shame to put crappy coffee in it.

As I tighten the belt on our spending, luxury items are dropping
like dead flies, and I know I'm not alone.

But the one thing I miss the most already,
is my cup of OSO in the morning.

Update- March 3rd...
Thought I better confess.
I gave in, and bought a little pack of OSO...
we can use a little treat now and then :)

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