Monday, April 19, 2010

A Blonde's eye view;

Sometimes I think I see things just a little
bit differently than most people.
Usually, I blame my hair.
I have to confess, I am blonde... to the roots.
But then again, it could be my rose-tinted glasses.

So, here I am last week, having one of those wonderful "life experiences"
and I had a bright idea! I'm gonna start a journal...and I can do it
(Duh, I know... that's why they call it a blog).
My life is not particularly exciting, or even unusual, but maybe
the way I see it is.

I live a 1/2 hour drive from our lovely little town, (which I don't want
to name, so no one can point fingers, if I'm not politically correct enough.)

Ok, so where was I?
Life experiences...oh yeah.
A week ago today (Feb 16/10), I was walking around with a bunch of
my co-workers. It was a cold, rainy day and I had this um...
picket sign hanging... from my neck.
I gotta tell you, this was the first time I've done anything like that.

When I left the house that morning, I really didn't think I would
spend a whole day, walking back and forth in front of my workplace
wearing a cardboard "On Strike" sign... in the RAIN.

It could've been worse - it should've been snowing (this time of year).
and I got to know some of my co-workers better.
Note to self:
"Wear waterproof makeup to a picket line" ... of course
I got my picture in the paper, and I didn't have ANY make-up on!

But that's ok, 'cause my hair Loves the rain.

Updated: Feb 28
Guess what...
we're still on strike...
some things I've noticed:

- Picketing isn't as much fun as it looks.
- All the goodies that kind folks bring, doesn't pay bills.
- The 1st thing to go is those little luxury items... like good coffee.
(I wrote a whole blog about THAT one!)
- Most people are kind, and many have walked this line before.
- Dogs can be a picketers best friend, they're always ready for a walk.
- Being on strike is a lot of work.
- It's hard to make any plans, when you don't know where things are at.

Update: March 1/10
starting our 3rd week on strike,
some more observations...

- Management isn't above lying or playing dirty.
I can't think like that, guess that's why I'm out here.
-A rally can be a lot of fun! It's kind of like
an alcohol-free street party.
- bursting bubble wrap bubbles, one at a time,
is a good stress reliever and more fun with friends.
- I can make "striking" my new job... (I've made little
info. handouts, and today I painted a sweatshirt.)
-I can still surprise my family. "My wife, the activist"
was my husbands words.
- Things can get very tense on the home front...especially
if there's a full moon.
- The Union is my friend, and will fight for me.

Now, for the Best thing about striking ...
*whispering* (don't tell anyone)...
My girls are happy to have so much freedom!
Sorry, I couldn't help myself, got this issue with bras.
Well, that's it for now.
Hope things are well, in your world.


Update March 4/10

I used to be such a nice, quiet lady.

-I'm still nice, but not so quiet...
-I've learned that even blondes can have an opinion.
Just ask me :)


Update March 11/10

Yup, still walking the picket line.
Kinda volunteered to help/administer our blog.
(Go figure).
I'm feeling stronger, enjoying fresh air, walking, sunshine, talking
to people, getting to know my East Shore co-workers and me.


My mind does wander at times, and I got to thinking I need a haircut.
Since I trim my own bangs, this is a good time to practise cutting my own hair.
So...I did! I still want it long, so it's not drastic, but I think it turned out just fine!
Here's a photo:

Now, that I'm thinking about it,
I've always wanted to colour my hair,
pink, blue or purple. Not all of it, but some strands...hmm
this may be a good time to try that too.
Oh, and maybe some little braids...with beads??
Maybe I should get my nose pierced or another tattoo?
Got some thinking to do...

Update April 19/10

Well, finally the strike is over... 8 weeks later,
and we can start trying to get back to normal,
at home, and at work.
Many of us will need time to heal the wounds caused
by the whole situation.
It's not going to be easy, but we'll do our best.

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