Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little blue dog ... going to a new home

Sorry, this dog's not smiling right now. He doesn't like the title I've given him, and wants a real home and perhaps a name. He's a little dog with a big attitude. Note: He's featured in a Treasury Nov 18-20/09 I handformed him from earthenware clay, fired him in my kiln, painted him with acrylic paint, then used an outdoor glossy sealer to protect him. Approximate dimensions: Height: 1 1/4 inches 3.5 cm Width: 1/2 inch 1.5 cm Length: 1 1/4 inches 3.0 cm

I'm really hoping that the little blue dog will get to his new home
in time for Easter.
He was pretty excited to be leaving the studio where he was born,
Last night he said goodbye to his friends and
this morning we left our home (near Balfour, BC.) and took the
ferry across Kootenay Lake. It's a 45 minute ride, but it was a sunny
morning, and his first time on a ferry.
I took him to the Post Office in Crawford Bay, BC, (Canada) where
he's starting his trip across the contintent to New York.
He promised to let me know when he arrives safe & sound.

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