Friday, February 1, 2013

Where does the time go?

 I've been exceptionally busy lately.  Here it is,  Feb 1, 2013 and I realize how long it's been since
I wrote in my blog... um NOVEMBER?!  I'm embarrassed about that. Not like I haven't had anything
to write about.
 I've had some very sad news recently, happy news, and muddled my way through other personal ups
and downs and a fried hard drive, ( not my brain, but my computer's), and lost a lot of stuff, in particular my photos... NOTE: back-up any important stuff... do it now, I'll wait right here :)
     Life is an extra-ordinarily long roller coaster ride. It's fun, thrilling and scary, and there's times I wish I could change my mind and get off the ride, or just scream.  Looking back isn't a good idea, but looking ahead can be even more frightening. I love the calm parts the best especially when climbing up, the view's awesome, but just when I get comfortable, the ride changes directions at such an incredible speed, it feels like I might get thrown off. The best thing to do, is hang on tight and try to flow with it. Take a deep breath "Keep calm and carry on".
    I have been quite busy with my Etsy shop, and am focusing on my wedding bouquet charms. I was going to set up a separate shop, just for my bouquet charms but decided against it... for now. I want to reduce my time on the computer... not double it.
  My packaging is evolving, as is my marketing, and new designs are in the works, but the best reward is knowing I can make something lovely enough to hold the memory of a loved one, to be part of a wedding and will be treasured for years to come.
 Anyhow, enough said...I could go on, but it's time for bed. Gotta get up early for work tomorrow. It's after 11pm and I wanted an early night tonight.
  Where does the time go?

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