Friday, November 2, 2012

Wedding bouquet photo charms... not just for weddings.

    It's been many years since Dave and I got married...(in 1984!) and we have many fond memories of that day. I wish the same for all my lovely customers on their wedding day.

 Once in a while, someone sends me a picture of their charm, after they've added their photo. Why, just the other day, I recognized one  on Twitter, with a sweet comment! How awesome is that!? It makes me happy to know that I have helped to make your day more special.

It is so easy these days, to take ands share photos (or a links to them),
so if you have photos of something I've made for you,  I'd love to see and maybe share them here.
Here's some photos and comments from my customers.

My aunt recently gave me this beautiful Iittala glass vase.
It seemed fitting to add my parents' photo charm.

Maybe you'd like to see a couple of the charms I have in my home...
just to show, they're not just for weddings.

My Hungarian grandparents.
Our newlyweds... my son and his wife.

And here's  my Angel photo charms, for the Holidays:
Angel and pearl photo charm.

Angel and crystal frame charm.

I've added them to my shop.

Here's me, when my husband & I first met.

I often have lockets available too.

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