Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finishing up some paintings, and new earrings.

 A wintery weekend, and some creative time in my studio. What a way to end February.

 Here's some pictures….

Some earrings I made, with my new beads.
The armadillos, and many other earrings are available 

These little paintings just needed some final touches,
so I finished them up, and clear-coated them.

The same little paintings- back sides.

This painting just needed a couple of clear coats,
I call it "Crow's picnic" and have listed it for sale in

This painting is called "Eagle View".
 I'm sure you can see why.

Goodbye February, it's been fun.... Hello March - let's see if it's a lion or lamb.

Comments are welcome... surely you'd like to say something.

1 comment:

barta jolan said...

Drága Angi!
Te igazán fantasztikus dolgokat készitel és gyönyörü helyen jártok,
amit látok a fényképeken.
Maradjon meg ez a nagy életszeretet benned és ez a nagy vidámság!
Puszillak Joli