Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big bird clay figure- in progress photos. Part 3

Click here to see Part 1 or Part 2

Now that Christmas is over, and there's lots of turkey leftovers to feed on,

I can focus on my big clay bird. He's dry enough to clean-

(sanding, smoothing, wiping the dust away with a wet sponge, touching up details, .)

I usually fire my kiln once I've got enough greenware to fill it,

but I've used all my clay so I'm going to fire what I've got now: The big bird,

a couple of round bowls, a couple of leaf shaped dishes, and a bunch of tiny sun faces.

I spent a good part of today- Boxing Day "cleaning greenware"

and am ready to fire the kiln tomorrow.

This is a major step in my birds' development, firing it into bisque…

a trial by fire- literally.

May the kiln gods be kind to us.

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