Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big bird clay figure- in progress photos. Part 1

I've been asked to make a ceramic bird,
to replace one that had a mortal accident.
So I'm taking pictures as I go...

Wed. Dec. 14, 2011
I didn't realize this is all the clay I have. I
hope it's enough! Time to get another block.

Making the head.

The beak, attached to the head.

Here's the head and body.

I've got the basic shapes made, the body, head,
feet and wings. Now to assemble them.

After working on him for about 4 hours, I've got the head, beak, body and tail
assembled. (I've used the feet to hold him up, but they're not actually attached yet.)
It's a good stopping point. The clay needs to rest, and so do I. However he'll have to
wait 3 or 4 days before I'll have time to continue with him.
I'll wrap him loosely in plastic, so he doesn't dry out in that time.
I need the clay to stay in a leather state, in order to add his wings, feet and eyes.

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