Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter's here

Poof… it's winter in the Kootenays.

It started snowing yesterday, with our 1st snow warning and as I type this, I hear a snow-plow clearing the road.

I love the clean, whiteness of a fresh winter snow… as long as I've got a hot cup of coffee and a window to watch it through.

The reality is, a white knuckled and slow drive to town in the morning, and a bus ride home after work, at the new scheduled time (5:12pm).

It was heartwarming to see people going out of their way, to accommodate new passengers, by switching seats, so that a young dad can sit beside his child (instead of being separated in the last available seats.)

By the time our bus got to the bridge (BOB- our Big Orange Bridge), it was standing room only.

By the way, it's pitch dark here by 4:30, and I forgot to bring a flashlight, so when I got off the bus I had to fumble my way along the highway and down our driveway. There are no streetlights here, and the snow muffles all sound but I looked up to see an amazing display of stars. Yup winter's here… it's a love/hate thing for me.

Note to self: "Remember to carry mitts, hat, scarf, and a flashlight at all times."

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