Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Nelson Transit Schedule

I hope I'm not the only person excited about the new Nelson Transit schedule for the North Shore that starts next week -Monday November 14, 2011.

I live about 30km from Nelson, near Balfour, and am glad to have bus service out here.
It costs $2.50 and is about a 45 minute ride- one way from downtown Nelson to Balfour.
Here's some links for Nelson Transit:

I enjoy taking the bus. It's nice to let someone else drive, save gas, and there's usually someone to chat with, read a book, or just look out the window at the scenery (although this time of year it's too dark to see much, but in the summer it's awesome!)
Unfortunately I rarely use our Transit, because the bus has me arriving in town 1 1/2 hours before work, then waiting 1 1/4 hours afterwards to go home, it makes for a long 12 hour day. So, I only take the bus when the weather's really bad, or when my husband needs to go to town, (he drops me off ) then I take the bus home.
With the changes to the North Shore bus service, I'll have a choice of 3 buses home (5:12pm, 6:52pm, 8:40pm), instead of just the one at 6:15. (There is another bus that leaves town at 4:45pm, but I don't finish work until 5:00, so I never take that one).
I'll bet a lot of students will appreciate the new 8:40pm run too. I know it would've been handy when my kids wanted to visit friends in town, after school.
Anyhow, I look forward to this change, and hope to see more of us taking the bus.

Note: I've since heard from a couple of people that live in Nelson, saying that services in town have been reduced. I didn't realize that and it's a shame...

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