Monday, August 22, 2011

What's more fun than a bucket of baby toads?

Guess how long the oldest known toad lived?
36 years

Short version: I drove up to Summit Lake Park today (about 110km from my house).

A whole bunch of us collected baby toads in buckets, had them checked,

and counted, then we delivered them to the other side of the Highway,

so they can continue their migration safely.

NOTE: I thought that with all these little toads around, it would be easy to get

a good photo of just one... wrong!

They are adorable, but I couldn't get even one to hold still long enough

for a descent photo,

( we didn't want to handle them more than necessary).

If you're so inclined, they'll be doing it again on Thursday (Aug 25/11).

These little guys are free again, to continue their way up the mountain...

Good luck little dudes!


So... "What's more fun than a bucket of toadlets?"

Well a tub of them... of course!

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