Sunday, July 18, 2010

A rainy day in my studio

Today was a particularly stormy day. Lots of thunder & lightening, and finally some rain.
This kind of weather makes it easy to spend the day in my studio.
Recently I bought a small block of self-hardening clay, that doesn't need to be fired in a kiln.
I used the whole block to make a whole bunch of little skulls and one big one.

Now that they've dried for a few days, today was a perfect day to paint them all, so that's what I did. I think they look great all together.

The big skull I made into a wall hanging, complete with glow in the dark beads. Each small skull has a hole in it, so they can be used as beads, or pendants.
I took numerous photos of them, and will add some to my etsy store. I'm just not sure if it would be better to sell them individually, in groups, make them into necklaces or sell them as a supply for someone else to use... in their creations.
I ended up liking some of the photos so much, that I made a few really cool gift cards with them.
A long time ago, I had joined and set up a shop on Zazzle- but hadn't really added anything to it, so I uploaded a couple of skull photos (and grandpuppy photos) and designed some cool buttons, key-chains, mugs, a neckTie, and even shoes!!

Decisions, decisions...

Updated Oct 29/10

It's almost Halloween, and I've finally added some of the skulls in my Etsy shop.
(I've added links to the photos, and to the highlighted texts.)


Jenn/Neico's Knots said...

Hey!! Love those! I don't know about others, but I'd probably purchase sets of them (maybe three to five?).

Angie S said...

Thank you for the comment! (I wonder sometimes if anyone reads my blog.) Going to have a peek at yours now, but thought I'd let you know
I've just listed a group of 3 skulls ...
Enjoy your day.