Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fire in downtown Nelson, BC

Downtown Nelson, BC was filled with smoke early this evening.

I was still in town, (Nelson, BC) at 7:30pm tonight.
The air smelled of smoke, as I walked up Vernon St, and then I could see it.

I followed the gathering crowd and the billowing smoke up Ward Street, to Baker.
Firemen were already fighting the fire... it's the Redfish Grill, I was going to go there for lunch today!
It sounds like no one was hurt or in the building (that "they" know of).

Since we no longer have our Nelson Daily News paper- I figured I'd take some pictures and
share the news. Fortunately the "grapevine" works pretty well in a small town. I'm hoping we can read about the fire and maybe see pictures some day soon (next week?)
But I wonder... what else has happened in Nelson since we lost our paper this month?


Note: There was a fire in Ainsworth about a month ago and the Silver Ledge Hotel burned down. It was arson.


longtime resident said...

The grapevine in this navel-gazing little town most often fills your ears with BS and calls it meaningful dialogue.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame you feel such bitterness.

Angie S said...

Anonymous, it's not bitterness I feel, it's sadness.

michael50/50 said...

Where's Steve Martin when you need him most ... hope no one was hurt.