Sunday, September 18, 2016

BC is Bear Country - fall time in the Kootenays.

Well it's that time of year
The long hot sunny days of summer, with colourful blooms, birds, and butterflies are fading away into long shadows and shorter, rainier fall. The Kokanee have been spawning, kids are settling into school, and it's time to shift into autumn mode.
 Harvest season is coming to a peak and everyone seems to be busy, picking, pickling, canning and  gathering firewood.
 We didn't really do a garden this year, but we can count on our walnut tree, which is just starting to drop a few walnuts- time to get out the buckets & rubber gloves :)
 There's so many things I want to write about, but right now, I've got bears on my mind since there's been 3 different bears in our yard this week & have been so many sightings in town and all around. I have some great pictures to share, here's a few and I'll add more later :

A bear on a hill
I'm so fortunate to have a good zoom on my camera.

We were getting firewood when I spotted this bear in the distance.
He's been watching us.

Usually, this is all I see- a brown blob in bushes.

A few minutes later, I saw another black bear.

                                                       A bear in the backyard...

When you're taking pictures of trees & stuff & see this silhouette in the background!
so you take a couple of zoomed photos...

but it's not holding still... or is the photographer moving?

nope it's the bear....

finally a couple of good shots!

A  healthy (brown) black bear watching us... and posing for just another moment.

A bear beside the highway
We stopped to watch this bear across the highway-

zooming in to see what it's doing/eating.
Spotted- it sees us in our car (a long way away)
Running for cover?

Nope- bringing a friend
Click here to See my Black bear/s video 

Note: While making this blog- we had another bear visit- next door... it was a big one! Here's another healthy looking brown (black) bear...

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