Friday, October 9, 2015

Wedding bouquet charm photos from customers

As the frantic summer wedding season winds down,  I'm taking a look back at the year so far, what worked well, restocking my supplies, ordering new colours and developing new design ideas for next year.
 With my husband's assistance, I am now stocking 2-sided frames and also photo lapel pins in my Etsy shop. I've been working on my photos & added new options to many of my charms, like adding my photo service as an option as they make their purchase. This has saved a lot of time and conversations, making it a smoother purchasing experience for my customers. I still ship most of my charms the next business day, in order to get them to my customers as soon as possible and have managed to keep my shipping prices low.  I also started offering  Expresspost shipping, which still takes a week, but has tracking.  Although it's pricey, I don't make a dime on Expresspost, and it means a 1/2 hour drive to town to our main post office, but my customers appreciate that service & knowing their charms will arrive in time.
Unfortunately the cost of my supplies has gone up, and I will be reviewing my prices as the year winds down. It's not something I like to do, however it's necessary, so now's a good time to get them as I will be increasing the price of my charms in the future.

 Some of the stories behind the photos have been so touching.
I just love the feedback and notes I get from my customers and as a bonus getting wedding bouquet photos too once in a while!
Here's a few photos I can  post - Thank you ladies for letting me share your pictures.

Pearl Heart wedding bouquet charm.

So pretty

Set of 3 wedding charms in crystal or pearl

True blue crystal wedding bouquet photo charm

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