Saturday, October 18, 2014

A pygmy owl.

Dave and I both heard the thud, when a bird hit our front window this morning. I ran out front to see what it was and if it was ok.
This little feathered hunter was spread out on the concrete and not moving, so we feared the worst. Dave knew right away it was an owl, I wasn't so sure, since it was so small! I didn't want to frighten or hurt him by picking him up... but he wasn't moving and the grounds' so cold now.

 So I waited a bit, then picked him up and examined him as best I could. He was cool and so stiff  with his foot curled up by his eyes... yet I could see he was breathing so I held him close to my chest and covered him with my hands, breathing warm air on his little body, hoping a little warmth and the safety of darkness would help him to recover.

I peaked at him a few times but he still wasn't moving and his eye was 1/2 open. Thinking he was a goner, we didn't take any pictures... and I cursed our big window...but after about 5-10 minutes he opened his eye and next thing he flew out of my hand- chattering as he disappeared in the neighbours trees!

  I was thrilled that he'd survived and wished him the best, regretting that we hadn't taken any photos!

A little while later Dave commented that there's a bird chattering in the trees, and maybe it's the owl, so I grabbed my camera, shoes, a sweater and went to investigate.

 I could hear and see a little bird chattering and hopping excitedly in the trees, so I looked around and found that he was upset by the presence of our little pygmy owl, who looked quite annoyed as he recovered on a branch.
Here's a link to the video.

I took a bunch of pictures using my zoom and then left him alone...

 a couple hours later he was gone. 

In the meantime I've made a couple of silhouette cut-outs and taped them to our front window, in the hopes that no more birds will hit that darned window!


Debs Crochet said...

Oh what a beautiful bird. So glad he was ok.

Michele Davidson said...

Love your sweet owl, Angie!! <3

Vallee Rose said...

Awesome Angie - thanks for sharing and what a story!

Julie G. said...

It always pains my heart so when a bird hits the window. I hope this beautiful little owl has recovered fully. Wonderful photographs of the poor sweet owl!