Sunday, July 6, 2014

Photos of garden visitors.

I was hoping to do a "quickie" little post of some photos I've taken this spring... here's the photos, but I don't know how quick it will be :)

Osprey high up in our tree- using mega zoom

Some flowers in my garden :)

Robin, we have so many of them here, I call them my garden
"Drama Queens"  as they are pretty noisey :)

Stellar's jays visiting our patio looking for peanuts.

Stellar's jay- a quiet moment for a noisy bird.

A blue jay- a rare visitor here.

Sun- dog... mid summer halo around the sun.

I love creatures- big, small & even slimy :)

Wisteria in the front yard.

Our magnolia in full bloom.

Azalea in full bloom.

Not sure what kind of humming bird this is, but adorable &
fun to watch although very shy- even with a zoom.

Another robin... this one has a nest in one of our trees :)

Oh deer! How sweet- even if they do eat
most of my flowers :)

Bald eagle...using mega zoom :)

Stellar's jay visiting our little bird bath.

Not sure what kind of bird this is- perhaps a young kestrel?

Nuthatch defying gravity and hiding sunflower seeds
in the bark. I love their little buzzing sounds.

Raven on a post posing for me.

Another blue jay looking for peanuts :)

  I hope you enjoy my photos.

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Lornajane said...

Love them all thank you for sharing Angie! Cute Snail!