Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A powder puff for my home made antiperspirant.

I'm thrilled! I just received the powder puff I bought from another Etsy seller: kcresson .

It's perfect for my homemade deodorant/antiperspirant and looks nice too. Not to mention it was reasonably priced, nicely made, shipped quickly AND helps by supporting a fellow handcrafter, on Etsy. How good is that?

I've read stuff about antiperspirants and how bad they are for us, but never really considered other options … until I ran out.
I didn't want to drive 1/2 an hour to town, just for that, but then the Natural gas to our community got shut-off for a couple of days... no hot water!  What's a girl to do?
My son suggested I google it, so I did ..." diy antiperspirant" and checked out a few recipes. Looking for one with ingredients that I already have on hand.

Many recipes use baking soda and cornstarch, along with a little essential oil.
It sounds pretty simple and natural, but I didn't have any suitable oils, so I substituted a few drops of glycerine & rosewater instead. I have no idea how long I've had that little bottle of liquid, but this is an opportunity to use it up .
(Yah, I sometimes cook that way too.)

I used about a 1/4 cup cornstarch & 1/4 cup baking soda, and then some drops of the rosewater/glycerine liquid. Using a teaspoon to mix it all together in a little ceramic dish, keeping it a dry, crumbly, powder that I pressed into the bowl with the spoon.
I used some cotton balls to apply it under my arms, and swore I'd make a puff for it, if I like the powder.

Well that was months ago, and I've used many cotton balls, and still haven't gotten around to making the puff, but I do love my new antiperspirant (or is it just a deodorant?) Whatever.
  I don't smell of BO by the end of the day, it doesn't irritate my pits, and it's cheap/quick/easy to make. If you try it, and like it, you may want to buy a puff too.
It's definately worth trying out, if you're looking for alternative/natural and effective options.


Z is for Ramble said...

Hehe, so glad I found this! Its EXACTLY what I'm looking for, form the cheap puff to to the recipe! The only essential oils I have are lavender, so they will have to do. :-P Oh, I also want to caution you to make sure you are using baking soda that is marked "aluminum free" as that's a big part of whats bad for us in deodorants!

Anonymous said...

I usually make mine with coconut oil as a base so I can rub it in like regular deodorant...but I tried this with orange extract and it worke dgreat!

Angie S said...

Thank you both for your suggestions! I'll try them both. :)

Gwen Jones said...

Coconut Oil is a natural antibacterial and will fight body odor. So that is a good way to make this into a stick form. :) If you use tea tree essential oil, it also has antibacterial functions. We have body odor, not because we sweat, but because we have bacteria. If we treat the bacteria we won't smell, and we can allow our bodies to sweat and be healthy the way they were designed to do. At least that is the theory behind natural deodorants. :)

Gwen Jones said...

Coconut oil and tea tree essential oil are good to add to this recipe because they have natural antibacterial properties. We have body odor, not because we sweat, but because we have bacteria. The theory behind natural deodorants is to let the body be healthy and sweat the way it was designed to do, but treat the bacteria so we don't stink!