Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bright flower paintings

I usually have some paintings, in various stages, on the go. Some don't look like much- just a blank canvas with a coat of white gesso, or a base of colour, while others just need some final touches to be completed .
Different ideas, themes, colours, textures and techniques gives me a buffet of beginnings to select from.

As the snow falls, yet again, I've spent some time in my studio working on several paintings.
Bright colours and cheery themes, always make me happy.
Yesterday it was sunny and a balmy 8C, and I heard my 1st robin of the year. Today it's grey, dreary and snowy.
I miss the colours of summer, the flowers, sunshine and bright blue skies and thought it's a good time to finish these two little flower paintings.
I've added them to my Etsy shop - in the "Paintings" section.

I've just made this beautiful little mirror using a print from my summer flowers...

affordable, portable and practical, piece of art.